Kalikos \ THE ZIN LETTERS # 3

The Zin Letters # 3

52 pages with color covers and an A3 full color map of the Eastern Far Place

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This is the wild eastern edge of the Far Place, where battered yet hardy Orlanthi eke out their lives during times of turmoil. Squeezed between the Sons of Light and ancient lands of Shadow, they cling to tradition.


  • Challenges of the newly claimed territory
  • Tribal and religious schism
  • Disintegration and reforming of clans
  • History of the eastern Far Place
  • Bachad Tribe and Garrik Clan
  • Cults and societies of marginal lands
The rather grim outlook is balanced by a glimpse on the Orlanthi sweat lodges and other aboriginal traditions.


  • Introduction to Eastern Far Place
  • Eastern Far Place Gazeetter
  • History of the Alone Confederation
  • Bachad Tribe
  • Garrik Clan
  • Sarading Clan & Cult of Yrsana
  • Ordayla - the Bear Chief
  • Orlanthi Sweat Lodges
  • Adventures in Eastern Far Place


General Editors: Ilkka Leskelä and Vesa Randelin
Editors: Olli Kantola, Juho Korolainen, Turkka Kylliäinen, Timo Malvisalo, Eetu Mäkelä, Juha Ratilainen and Risto Salonen
Translations: Ilkka Leskelä
Maps: Turkka Kylliäinen and Ilkka Leskelä
Proofreading: Simon Phipp and Alison Place
Editing and Layout: Juha Ratilainen
Front Cover: Simo Huhtiranta
Back Cover: Turkka Kylliäinen
Artists: Markus Högmander, Anssi Kokkonen, Turkka Kylliäinen, Ilkka Leskelä and Juha Makkonen

Changed 01.01.1970




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