Kalikos \ THE ZIN LETTERS # 1

The Zin Letters # 1


Teshnos - Land of Fire (Matti Järvinen)

Articles pertaining to the land of Teshnos in South-Eastern Genertela. The articles describe the history, culture and religion of the land, and also include a Gloranthan account of the many wondrous places there. A map accompanies the articles and short scenario ideas give inspiration for campaigning in the Land of Fire. The material is compatible with the description of Teshnos found in the book Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars.

Genealogy of the Storm Tribe (Juha Ratilainen)

A graph of the genealogy of the Storm Tribe gives very clear insight to who's related to who and in what way in the mighty tribe of the storm. The chart also includes Ernalda's servants and household goddesses and the many other names of Orlanth.

The Stoat Clan (Samppa Mäkelä)

A comprehensive description of this Ralian Orlanthi clan. The article describes the clan history, names the leaders and other important people and gives descriptions of the places they hold sacred. The current situation of the clan is of course also covered. Maps of the kingdom of Saug, the Neliomi tribe and the Stoat clan lands give insight to the area they occupy. The Stoat Clan forms an excellent basis for campaigning among the Ralian Orlanthi and is compatible with the Ralios articles of David Dunham, Jonas Schiött and Nikk Effingham, of which the writer has drawn inspiration.

Two Orlanthi Adventures & Short Orlanthi Scenarios (Juha Ratilainen ja Olli Kantola)

A large number of scenario ideas for Sartarite Heortling Orlanthi. With only minor changes they are also easily applicable to the Stoat Clan. The first two scenarios draw inspiration from Kalevala, while the rest are shorter scenario seeds.

Mineral Broos (Marko Saari, Perttu Mäkinen, Eetu Mäkelä ja Sampo Koistinen)

Three funny but deadly mineral broo from Dorastor. The article lays out all that is needed to use these in a game: the reason for their existence, their habits and tactics and even scenario ideas for including them in a Dorastor-based campaign. Statistics for the broo are given both for RuneQuest and Hero Wars / HeroQuest. The article is rounded up with a Gloranthan account of a meeting with these monstrosities, written by one Afhardu Orgost, an Irrippi Ontor researcher.

A sample PDF (1618k) of the magazine is available.


Chief Editor: Matti Järvinen.
Articles: Matti Järvinen, Olli Kantola, Sampo Koistinen, Eetu Mäkelä, Samppa Mäkelä, Perttu Mäkinen, Juha Ratilainen, Marko Saari.
Translations: Sampo Koistinen, Eetu Mäkelä, Jukka Tervonen.
Maps: Samppa Mäkelä, Tero Pitkänen, Marko Saari.
Proofreading: Markus Battarbee, Simon Phipp, Riku Rinta-Jouppi.
Layout and Graphic Design: Eetu Mäkelä, Juha Ratilainen, Marko Saari.
Front and Back Cover Art: Tero Pitkänen.
Art: Tero Kaija, Ilkka Leskelä, Tero Pitkänen, Milla Rasi, Marko Saari.

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