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The Zin Letters #4: Orlanthi Heroquests Special

The Zin Letters #3: Eastern Far Place Special

52 pages with color covers and an A3 full color map of the Eastern Far Place

This is the wild eastern edge of the Far Place, where battered yet hardy Orlanthi eke out their lives during times of turmoil. Squeezed between the Sons of Light and ancient lands of Shadow, they cling to tradition.

The Zin Letters #2: Kralorela, Loskalm and Daran

The second issue contains a description of the port of Lur Nop, Kralorelan cults and government, the areas and army of Loskalm, and the culture, religion and places of Daran.

The Zin Letters #1: Teshnos, (Ralian) Orlanthi and Mineral Broos

The first issue deals with Teshnan history, culture and religion, introduces a Ralian Orlanthi Clan, lays out the genealogy of the Storm Tribe, contains many useful scenario ideas for Orlanthi campaigns and finally introduces us to the Mineral Broos.

About the Zin Letters

The Zin Letters is an English-language magazine published by Kalikos - The Finnish Gloranthan Association. The magazine is dedicated to the fantasy world of Glorantha and especially to roleplaying in that world with the Hero Wars, HeroQuest and RuneQuest mechanics. The name of the magazine derives from the three Zin letters in the book King of Sartar (The Zin Letters; pages 40-48) that accompany the Gloranthan scriptures gathered by the writer of the letters. The contents of the magazine are written by fans of Glorantha and must be regarded as completely unofficial.


The Zin Letters welcomes submissions from Finnish and international contributors. Articles and art are equally welcome. Please contact zin@kalikos.org if interested.

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