Miscellaneous Short Articles
by Matti Järvinen

The Shoelings

The Shoelings are tiny (SIZ 1-2) mischief-makers, who particularly love to cunningly loosen horseshoes. They also make other little troubles for people. Fortunately, the Shoelings are only found in remote areas.

The Shoelings were originally pixies, but during the reign of Dari the Great, they adopted metal working skills from Khestos the Tinkler, a Mostali Ambassador of the Second Council. In return, the pixies had to give away their wings. They were expelled from Tarinwood, but the pixies retained their invisibility ability. Ever since the Shoelings' skills were first ridiculed, and they were beaten for protesting, they have sought revenge.


Daranians recognise that Four Elements exist. The First Element is Earth, which God created to be a dwelling place for His People. The Earth itself, however, was lifeless and unable to produce anything, so God created Fire as the Second Element, and it is the Holiest Element. The Third Element, Water, was created from Earth and Fire to cool Creation. Air, the Fourth Element, was created to blow water away, and reveal the dry land, which was called the Land of Logic.

Darkness isn't an Element. It didn't originate in God's work. It was born much later when sin arrived in the world. Logically, Darkness can't be an Element, because Darkness is nothing more than the state caused by the absence of Fire.

Ehilm is the Lord of all the Elements. He masters the noblest Element of Fire, won the Element of Earth for himself, and conquered Water and Air.


Gryphus miurami
Ages: Darkness, Historical (rare)
Distribution: Southern Ralios
Habitat: Forest

The miuram is a large bird-like creature with spotted wings and a long tail. It has four muscular legs with three sharp claws. Nevertheless, the miuram has a mammal-like head and a blunt muzzle. They are very agile and good at climbing trees.

Miurams are very rare. They live only in the southern part of Daran and in Tarinwood, and hunt deer and other mammals and bird. Miurams are often blamed when people disappear, but in reality they avoid contact with humans. The miurams are descended from griffins which rejected Ehilm and interbred with the beasts of the forest.

Characteristics Average Location melee   Missile Points    
STR 8d6+12 40 Tail 01-02 01 6/10 (0.33)    Move: 6/12 (Flying)
CON 4d6+8 22 RH Leg 03-04 02 6/8 (0.25) Fatigue: 62
SIZ 8d6+12 40 LH Leg 05-06 03 6/8 (0.25) Hit Points: 31
INT 6 6 Hind Q 07-09 04-08 6/12 (0.40) Magic Points: 13
POW 2d6+6 13 Fore Q 10-12 09-12 6/12 (0.40) DEX SR: 1
DEX 4d6+12 26 R. Wing 13 13-14 6/8 (0.25)  
      L. Wing 14 15-16 6/8 (0.25)  
      RF Leg 15-16 17 6/8 (0.25)  
      LF Leg 17-18 18 6/8 (0.25)  
      Head 19-20 19-20 6/10 (0.33)  

Weapon   SR   Attack   Damage
Bite 7 30+22 d8+4d6
Claw 4 50+22 d6+4d6
Tail Lash 4 25+22 2d6

Note: A miuram can attack with both claws simultaneously, and bite three strike ranks later. Its tail lash does damage equal to half its damage bonus.

Skills: Climb 90-4, Dodge 30-4, Scan 75+4, Listen 50+4, Hide 75-17.

Armour: 6-point fur and feathers on the tail and wings.

Funeral Customs in Daran

As a people of Fire, Daranians cremate their dead. The priests burn the bodies of the dead with fire and magic, so that the deceased can't come back to haunt as undead. The ashes are placed into an urn, and it is buried in the cemetery or, in the case of a notable person, under the floor of the church or in the crypt. If a person has led a good life, his or her soul will go to Ehilm and to Solace.

Fauna in Daran

There are many kinds of animals in Daran. Most of them are associated with myths known by Daranians. They include:

Domestic Animals: Cat, Cattle, Dog (Caorach, Ovcharnka, Sabueso), Donkey, Goat, Horse (Daron, Fronan, Galana), Mule, Pig, Sheep.

Common Game Animals: Bear (Black, Brown), Deer (Elk, Fallow, Red), Fox, Hare, Owl, Pit Viper, Puma, Rabbit, Rock Lizard, Rubble Runner, Sabertooth Cat, Scaled Gargoyle, Wild Boar (Mraloting), Wolf.

Rare Game Animals: Ankylosaurus, Bonnacon, Eskaval, Fire Bear, Giant Loon, Hippogriff, Miuram, Shoelings, Skybull, Triceratops, Unicorn, Wyvern.

Sacred Creatures: Eagle, Griffin, Hawk, Monoceros, Sky Angel (Certamus).

Aldryami: Brown Elf, Dryad, Green Elf, Pixie, Runner.

Elementals and Useful Spirits: Gnome, Healing Spirit, Hellion, Intellect Spirit, Magic Spirit, Power Spirit, Salamander, Spell Spirit, Sylph, Undine.

Evil Spirits: Disease Spirit, Ghost, Hag, Limoniad, Marsh-Wight, Memovore, Nature Spirit, Oread, Passion Ghost, Passion Spirit, Passion Spirit, Potameid, Redcap, Shade, Vough, Wraith.

Chaos Creatures: Dragonsnail, Ghoul, Gorp (Acid, Sky), Jack O'Bear, Krarshtkid, Lamia, Ogre, Succubus, Vampire, Zombie.

Sources: Anaxial's Roster & Additional Material, Dorastor: Land of Doom, Elder Secrets of Glorantha, Gloranthan Bestiary, HeroQuest, Masters of Luck and Death, Pavis & Big Rubble, RuneQuest Deluxe Edition, Tales of the Reaching Moon #19, Vikings: Gamemaster Book.

Will-o'-the-wisps and Treasure Fires

Will-o'-the-wisps are lights seen in the marshy parts of Daran. They attract careless travellers. Few people reach a Will-o'-the-wisp, though, because most of them fall into the bog and drown. Will-o'-the-wisps are magically lit by Marsh Goblins, who eat the flesh of the fallen victims. Marsh Goblins are very similar to the Scythanni (see the Gloranthan Bestiary). However, they are not red elves but are instead the remnants of the Monster Army, which Ehilm destroyed.

It is rumoured that different marsh fires exist. They are called Treasure Fires, and they are said to be lit when Shesheila, the greedy mistress of riches, burns mould off the treasures that she hides underground. If one finds his way to the Treasure Fire, imposing riches await him, guarded by a demonic beast which must be overcome.

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